Losing Weight using Orlistat

Since it was released, Orlistat has created a phenomenon in this society that brought back the idea of what is beautiful. The new generation demands a sexy new you. But how do you lose the excess fat in your body? In this new age, anything has been made possible

Does it still involve cutting down food intake and giving up eating all the foods that I want? Do I still need to exercise and make myself move a lot to burn those fats? Below are the facts you have to bear in mind.

Fact 1: Medical technology has made it easier for you to lose weight with Orlistat.

Fact 2: Orlistat is not a miracle drug because it can only be effective with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

If so, then how can Orlistat help in reducing weight?

Orlistat, once taken, blocks the chemicals in your stomach that digest fat. Usually, these enzymes digest the fat that is contained in the food you eat. Once fat is digested, some of which are flushed out of the body but most of which are absorbed by the body. This normal process is one of the causes why people who eat fatty foods gain unwanted weight and eventually grow fat.

Orlistat helps the body flush out the unwanted fat as it blocks the chemicals used for digesting fat. Thus, it flushes out fats and toxins in their raw form along with the feces. This is also one of the reasons why people who take Orlistat may experience wet or watery stool. And sometimes, it could be very annoying if not messy. So people have second thoughts.

But then again, this can be avoided. The less fatty foods you eat the less tendencies for you of having watery feces. Although it is advised that Orlistat be taken at least three times day before every meal, it is no longer necessary to take it if your skipped a meal or has not eaten fatty foods.

Is Orlistat the answer to my diet problems?

Basically, Orlistat was designed to help people lose weight but not create miracles for them. Doctors only recommend this medication using the following guidelines.
* The person’s Body Mass Index (BMI) should be 28 and above. These are those people that are considered overweight or obese based on their BMI.
* Doctor’s also recommend Orlistat to people who have serious diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes for they could benefit on the weight loss.
* For the first three months with this medication, the person should have lost at least 5% of their total weight from the time they started and 10% for the whole six months. If it is less than this, intake of Orlistat should be put on hold if not stopped.
* People 18 years old and above are the only ones who can be prescribed to take this medicine. Those younger than 18 may not need help from a diet pill. But rather may benefit from proper diet and regular exercise.