Order Generic Orlistat

In the last century, the discovery of Orlistat may be considered one of the many that was able to extend help to people and was able to change lives. In the normal bodily functions, once food is eaten, it is broken down into smaller pieces so that the body can absorb the nutrients that the food contains. Sadly, it is not just the nutrients, the fat contained the food is also absorbed by the body as food is digested. So it means, the more fatty food eaten, the more fat is absorbed by your body.

Enzymes called lipase are the ones responsible for breaking down food. What Orlistat basically does is to hinder these enzymes from breaking down the fat contained in the food you eat. It does not stop the digestion process as a whole. It prohibits fat from being digestion so that it won’t be absorbed by the body.

So where does the fat go?

It is unabsorbed by the body, thus excreted with the feces in its raw form. Fat is flushed out of the body so you don’t gain the extra pounds. Orlistat works well with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

What is the story behind this so-called miracle drug?

Orlistat was first made available in market as early as 1991. Back then, it was sold solely as a prescription drug. Doctors usually advise intake of Orlistat to people who are obese or if not, those who can really benefit from losing weight. Usually these are the people who are sick with diabetes or some other serious disease.

Does this miracle drug need extra help from dieting and exercise?

Yes it definitely needs that. You can only reap the benefit of Orlistat once you keep yourself off fatty foods and exercise regularly. There are so many diet plans available and all of them promise a sexier figure. Do you really need to give up all the foods that you love to eat? Well, here are some of the effective diet plans that could work very well with Orlistat.

* Eat as often as you want. It is healthy to eat at least five times a day. Some people might wonder how could be eating more than the regular three times a day become a healthy diet plan? Well, basically because the more often you consume small meals, the most likely you’ll eat a lot the next time you eat. The regular three meals a day has just been made by people as a response to extreme hunger already. Small frequent meals are healthier. It is a matter of being responsible of what you eat. If you choose to eat healthy foods, you don’t to worry about gaining weight.

* Take your diet seriously. The less you eat, the more you move, the easier you would achieve your desired weight. Reduce the amount of calorie intake and move more through regular exercise and you’re on your way to that sexy body. There are a lot of foods in the market that make it easy for you. They don’t have high calorie content so even if you eat a lot, you wont gain so much weight